Filming on an iPad

Styles of filming

Ways to film

There are various different styles of filming you could do to create a video. Each one would create a certain feeling for your viewer, so you need to pick the right one for the message you are wanting to portray.

Presenting styles


If you are undertaking an interview, you will want to plan some questions beforehand which are clear with your videos' message.

  • Make sure you have good, clear sound - you want to be able to hear what the interviewee is saying.
  • You can either ask the questions with yourself on camera or can ask with you sitting by the side of the camera. Therefore, you will only see the interviewee and will probably remove you actually asking the questions.
  • The interviewee would be sat on either the right or the left of the frame of the shot, looking towards the opposite side.

Piece to camera

By completing a piece to camera video you'll be talking directly to camera.

  • The person delivering the information with be positioned in the centre of the frame looking out to camera.
  • The sound quality needs to be clear and audible for the audience to understand your message.


A documentary video has aims to inform the audience of a particular subject or point.

  • An interview may be included within a documentary, so follow the points above.
  • The video may also call for a presenter and therefore may want to do a piece to camera, again follow the directions above.
  • With a documentary you will probably be adding in other shots (cutaways) to show and emphasise what message(s) you are wanting to get across to the audience.


Creating an advertisement video is a great way to promote a particular object, area or place.

  • An advert may contain a voice-over.
  • The video will be concentrating on the object or place you are advertising. Therefore, you'll have probably include some nice close-ups.
  • An advertisement video could be used for a number of things, including selling a product, informing the audience of a place to visit or what an area has to offer.

Video blog

Video blogging is something that is usually used through the internet.

  • They usually contain videos, images and text.
  • As they are hosted mainly on the web they can be easily distributed to other people.
  • They can be used to inform, introduce or share information with your audience.
  • They can be pre-recorded or even created as a live broadcast.

For more information see our page on creating vlogs.


At it simplest, a podcast can be defined as “downloadable asynchronous audio”, this practical definition highlights key components of the medium (Middleton 2010) and provides us with a starting point for examining the key benefits of using podcasting for educators and students.

For more information see our page on Podcasts.


In film a cutaway is a shot placed between a continuous shot to show the viewer more information, to indicate something important or emphasise what is being portrayed in the video.