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Interactive Posters

Interactive posters are similar to academic posters but use web-links, animations, videos, etc to enable the audience to access further informational materials on the topic.

This kind of visuals are a great learning and teaching tool to either use with students or get them to create something themselves, especially when explaining a difficult process. Interactive graphics are a good way to strengthen students' knowledge and develop their awareness.


To create a professional poster, you need to consider various different elements of your design. This website provides you with some tips on creating the design for a poster:

Design Terms

Design terms can seem overwhelming to people who don't come from that background. However, this link will walk you through elements in simple steps:


Online Tools

Some online tools that are usual for creating interactive posters are:


Bringing to life images, by adding text, web links, videos and audio. They can be shared or embedded online.


Picktochart is both an infographic and presentation app that allows you to turn boring data into something more appealing in a few simple steps. There is a free version, with paid for version giving you more template options, with a number of templates you can customise.


A social network that allows you to create free interactive posters. "Glog" is short for "Graphic Blog", which encompasses an interactive multimedia image. It's an easy tool to combine images, audio, video, text and graphics within one digital canvas.

QR Codes

Adding QR codes to your document is a great way to direct your audience to another source of information. To add a QR Code you can use an online website, some examples are:

QRCode Monkey - This site allows you to alter the colour, add a logo and customise your design.

QR Code Generator - This site allows you to link to a number of different kind of sites, change the colour and upload a logo.


Using accessible audio, text and visuals; click here.