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About Us

The Digital Learning team at the University of Derby is committed to providing its students with a high-quality learning experience. It has a strategic responsibility for enhancing the student learning experience through its integrated provision, bringing together the support for academic practice, technology-enhanced learning, and support for student learning.

Charlotte Gregory-Ellis

As a Learning Technologist (Curriculum Development) I work with academics across the university to develop their teaching and learning content. I work closely with the Media Advisers to support and train in the use of media within learning, teaching and assessment activities. They engage with academic staff to enable them to produce innovative video and audio learning resources, researching emerging technologies and working closely with colleagues across the institution.

I also provide staff development opportunities, support and guidance on all aspects of media production and the effective use of media in teaching and learning activities. Administering training and support to staff on the use of media production equipment, video editing and lecture recording software, and systems that enable the sharing of broadcast TV and other media resources. I also lead a team of student Digital Media Producers who work in partnership with academic staff to create engaging teaching and learning content for their students.

Matt Gilooly

My role with the University is to increase the use of media and its surrounding technologies within teaching to impact students in a meaningful way. I try to create content that is engaging and eye catching at all times. My industry experience ranges from film production - working on short and feature films - to consulting on video content within marketing agencies.

I have created content for a range of clients from documentaries to short engaging campaign content. During my experience, I have learned about marketing and the analytics used within social media platforms and how that can inform decisions on the content you create.

Jon Walmsley

As the University of Derby’s Digital Learning Development Manager, I lead the Digital Learning team.   As well as supporting the development of digital practice, we offer a range of media services including the creation of high-quality learning materials. We also run staff development sessions for academic staff, to enhance the effective use of media in teaching.

I have been a film maker for over 20 years and prior to joining the University, worked in a wide variety of creative and production roles within broadcast television and commercial video production. My particular interests include how to strategically adopt video technologies into teaching and learning activities, and how media-based resources can assist the development of essential skills for the 21st Century workplace.