Editing on the computer

Editing software

Examples of editing software

Edit in camera/while shooting

This is when you've plan your video and you are only shooting exactly what you want the final video to look like.

Software editing

You can edit a video on a variety of different software. It can depend what you know already or what's available to you to which you end up using.


iMovie is a free Mac based software available on both your iOS or OS device. You can easily add your clips to the timeline and add titles, music and effects. There are plenty of online videos to help with using iMovie.

Editing on your mobile device

Most mobile devices now have the capability to do a basic edit, whether that's just topping and tailing or sticking multiple video clips together.

iOS devices have gone a step further and added a video editing app called 'iMovie'. This is the same 'iMovie' you will find on all OS systems but has been redesigned for mobile devices.

Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker is freely available for windows-based computers. You can quickly turn your photos and videos into a finalised video, adding special effects, transitions, audio and captions.

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is a professional software that you have to pay for. Students do get discounts on it and it is available to University of Derby students on the library computers.

Adobe Spark

(You can use your Facebook or Google account to sign in, but it’s free)

Adobe Spark can help you created 'social graphics', 'web stories' and 'Animated videos'. It also has apps you can add to your phone/tablet: 'Spark Post', 'Spark Page' and 'Spark Video'. Adobe Spark also has a blog which has some useful tips and tricks for filming.


WeVideo is an online editor that makes it easy to capture, edit and share your video. It has a free plan, alongside their paid for plans. The benefit of this being online is that you can edit and view anywhere.

WeVideo Tutorial